PrimeCOD pixel explaination

How to install and setup your Pixel

Here's a sample URL for an offer:[Your_GOOGLE_TAG_ID]&o=0&a=0&pixel_snap=[Your_SNAPCHAT_PIXEL_ID]&pixel_fb=[Your_FACEBOOK_PIXEL_ID]&pixel_tk=[Your_TIKTOK_PIXEL_ID]

To integrate your pixel, replace the placeholders in the URL as follows:
For Facebook: [Your_FACEBOOK_PIXEL_ID]
For TikTok: [Your_TIKTOK_PIXEL_ID]
For Snapchat: [Your_SNAPCHAT_PIXEL_ID]
For Twitter: [Your_TWITTER_PIXEL_ID]
For Google Ads (using Google Tag Manager for conversion tracking): [Your_GOOGLE_TAG_ID]
Important: Ensure you replace the entire placeholder, including the square brackets []. However, do not include the brackets in your final URL.
For instance:
For Facebook: pixel_fb=34876339980903498
For TikTok: pixel_tk=GR7TMC3C77U1MMGLAEI0D01
For Snapchat: pixel_snap=a02abfc5-f3dc-8765-b1a5-b660513f89trh
For Twitter: pixel_tw=ntqz
Google Ads (Google Tag conversion ID): google_tag_id=GTM-H8XTWNB

If you encounter any issues with pixel integration, please reach out to your account manager for assistance.

Please check this video for more explaination : Video explaination